Life after loss…
I began this blog years ago with lofty ideals of how much I
was going to write and give to the world; the truth is that
none of that happened…
Instead, I spent ten years of my life caring for and supporting
my beloved mother following the death of her husband up to
her death last year.
The plans I had were swallowed up in this all-consuming occupation - along the way I learned some of the hardest life lessons I can imagine. But most of all, I learned to love, and give freely…through all of the stresses and strains I retreated, as always, to my kitchen; Love Sets the Table was born.

Now I'm proud to call myself a baker, and I have a small bespoke business baking for some very special clients who allow me the creative freedom to explore endless possibilities of flavours and ingredients. 

I invite you to travel to our lovely small town less than two hours from Melbourne and join me in my farmhouse cooking school for a day of baking, sharing, connecting and learning…

If you can’t make it to class, you’ll find my teaching on my blog and via my social accounts, whichever you choose, I promise they'll always be cake!