My parents and I emigrated to Australia as 10 pound tourists; pale, pasty and anaemic-looking, We were enthralled by the size, the sky, the sun and the food.  All those things I had only ever known frozen or in cans were actually real, and unprocessed, and fresh! 

My love of cooking began with these fascinating new ingredients; and led me into catering, event management, cafe ownership and teaching.  I was so lucky; I got to work with some of the best in the business, and learned from their generosity; so grateful.

My husband and I moved from the city almost 20 years ago and bought an old farmhouse on top of a ridge in a small country town. I had some completely insane ideas in the first few years, none of which came to fruition; but the best thing we did was renovate our kitchen to provide me with a registered facility; this has been my happy place ever since.  

Now I'm proud to call myself a baker, and I have a small bespoke baking business for some very special clients who allow me the creative freedom to explore the endless possibilities of flavours and ingredients.  I share these ideas and processes with small groups who come to spend a day with me and allow me to share all the tips, tricks and knowledge I've learned on my journey.

I hope you'll join me, whether here on my blog, via my social accounts, or at a workshop; whichever you choose, I promise they'll always be cake!