hello there!
where love sets the table, food tastes at its best…’

There is no better way to demonstrate and share our love than taking the best of ingredients (the simpler the better), and, using nothing more complicated than time, attention and care to create honest, nourishing offerings for our families, friends and communities.


My big kitchen table bears the scars of many a gathering of family, friends and workshop participants . This space is where I share the wonderful memories those gatherings provide. Along the way, I share my recipes and styling tips to help you create special moments of your own.

Made by hand with love, attention to detail and unique flavour combinations and making the most of the season's bounty.  I thrive on discovering food stories - the growers, makers, bakers, fishermen, farmers; producers of all persuasions and I look forward to sharing them with you…..

My style is rustic, perfectly imperfect and delicious.