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Melanie Hall Baking Cookies

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My cooking philosophy is reflected by the old French proverb ’where love sets the table, food tastes best…’, hence the name of this blog.


I live in a regional city in Victoria; my Federation cottage combines the best of both worlds - lovely original features are blended with a large modern kitchen extending out to a productive courtyard garden.

I have spent my working life as a caterer, event organiser and cafe owner and cooking teacher; through it all my greatest pleasure has been teaching.  I love taking the skills, tips and recipes I've learned in professional environments and translating that knowledge to the home kitchen.  My particular passion is baking, both sweet and savoury.  I realise that for many people, even those who consider themselves accomplished cooks, baking can be a daunting and intimidating occupation; my mission is to change that mindset.

The last few years have seen an extraordinary increase in interest in baking right around the world, as so many of us have been confined to our homes for extended periods of time.  Social media channels are now awash with images of amazing sourdough loaves, babkas, cinnamon scrolls and all manner of baked delights; but not everyone has the skills and knowledge to achieve these heady heights; and some methods and recipes assume a level of expertise not everyone has.  This has led to many keen novice bakers being disappointed in their results and believing that baking is indeed beyond them.

I plan to change that - by helping home bakers achieve success one recipe at a time; building on a foundation of knowledge and skills that allow them to embark on the delights and rewards of baking without the self-doubt and disappointments.

Join me as we explore the fascinating world of baking and you will see that you too can become the star baker of your imagining...if you can’t make it to class, you’ll find my teaching on my blog and via my social accounts, whichever you choose, I promise there'll always be cake!


lemon curd shortbread
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yeasted apple and walnut cake
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sourdough ricotta cookies
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Layered Cake
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Berries with Muffins
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