About me


hello there!

’where love sets the table, food tastes best…’

There is no better way to demonstrate and share our love than taking the best of ingredients and using our time, attention and care to create honest, nourishing offerings for our families, friends and communities.

My big kitchen table bears the scars of many a gathering of family, friends and workshop participants . This online space is where I share the wonderful memories those gatherings provide. Along the way, I share my recipes and styling tips to help you create special moments of your own.

Made by hand with love, attention to detail and unique flavour combinations making the most of the season's bounty. 

My mission is to share the learning of a lifetime in the kitchen and show you that, armed with the
right tips, tricks and confidence, you can become the baker of your dreams…

My style is rustic, perfectly imperfect and delicious.


Life after loss…

I began this blog years ago with lofty ideals of how much I was going to write and give to the world; the truth is that
none of that happened: life is what happened...

And now, as the events of the past year have unfolded, I realise that almost everyone on the planet has suffered loss - of loved ones, jobs, security, futures…and yet, for all that we have lost, I choose to believe that we have also gained; above all, a reminder of the true importance of the things we hold most dear; most of all, I have learned to love, cherish, and give more freely than ever before. Through all of the stresses and strains I retreated, as always, to my kitchen; Love Sets the Table was re-born.


In the midst of Covid I packed up our home of more than 20 years and moved with my husband from five acres and a big rambling old farmhouse to a cottage by the sea in the regional city of Geelong, Victoria's second largest city (still small by world standards).  


And slowly, day-by-day, we began the process of recovery, and learning how to live our lives in different ways and spaces - I'm so pleased we did.  My big old table moved with us, as did much of my vintage and antique kitchenalia; now a new chapter begins as my cooking classes take shape in a different environment.  The space may have changed, but the spirit remains the same - making baking in all its forms accessible to home cooks of all ages and levels of experience...I hope you'll join me.

If you can’t make it to class, you’ll find my teaching on my blog and via my social accounts, whichever you choose, I promise they'll always be cake!