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Baking As Therapy

'life is what happens when you're busy making other plans' John Lennon's words have never rung so true as in the past few weeks of my life. A long-awaited European holiday came to an abrupt halt after only 48 hours; around the world in four days, and that was just the beginning...

As I've struggled to be a grown-up and a loving daughter, even my desire to bake waned...lost in a fog of sadness and grim realities I hoped I would never have to face.

Until today, when the urge to create something positive returned...and here is the outcome of that re-kindled baking urge - courtesy of one of my food heroes - Dan Lepard.

This orange, walnut and cinnamon loaf is simple to make, doesn't need complex lists of ingredients or equipment, and will gladden any heart - either yours; or those of the lucky people you share it with...

I can't make the harsh realities of life go away, but I can choose to keep the sadness at bay, one bake at a time; I hope you'll join me...

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